Surface, interface and adhesion analysis is used to test and investigate the physical properties of surface, interfaces and media

A primary area of surface analysis expertise is in adhesion science which requires expert insight and methodical processing, combined with advanced interface knowledge.

Our experts offer a package of adhesion science analytical techniques for surface and interface science. 

Adhesion tests include peel-strength determination, followed by chemical analysis of the interfaces and the use of optical and electron microscopy techniques. Together with image analysis the homogeneity of the failure surface may be analysed.

Surface and interface science capabilities help clients understand fundamental properties of laminates and composite materials. Plane of failure analysis can be very important for technical services. Using precise methods and analysis, Intertek will find the source of problems in cases of coating defects, delamination, pinholing and other contamination issues.

Surface and interface expertise includes proprietary methods for the analysis of scratch resistance of surfaces and coatings. Additionally, it involves methods for the measurement and analysis of friction and wear of lubricated surfaces.

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