Specialised and highly specialised digital image analysis and treatment techniques support research and testing projects and quality control issues

Expert insight into specific details of products is essential in regard to analysing key attributes and features of interest. Digital imagery analysis is a key method to attain specialist insight and to help progress development and production needs. However it is essential that the full capabilities of digital imaging analysis are available and overseen by seasoned experts, within a controlled environment.

Our scientists analyse digital images submitted by customers from a wide array of industry backgrounds. We possess the expertise to analyse images including those obtained through surface area chemical imaging techniques, from Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) instruments, via Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), from global infra-red maps and also from simple household cameras.

Image analysis by Intertek scientists will also eliminate subjective variability and conjecture due to our proven and effective methodology which includes a stable, controlled environment using trusted and calibrated equipment, and with utmost confidentiality assured throughout the process.

Imaging analysis services include
Research and Development; for example particle size and shape analysis
Manufacturing and quality control, such as black speck analysis on Millipore filters.
Dispersion Assessment of Filled Polymer Systems
Droplet Size Distribution in Emulsion Samples
Fibre Orientation in Fibre-reinforced Composite Structures
Fibre Length Distribution
Medical Devices Imaging
Versatile and broad range imaging analysis applications

Digital image analysis capabilities
Materials and dispersion analysis
High throughput imaging and analysis
Time lapse process imaging
Manufacturing quality control support (online or at-line imaging and analysis)
Confidentiality assured 

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