Time-lapse imaging techniques visualise product changes during processing to gain essential information

Intertek technology captures a client's key process information by time-lapse photography. In time lapse mode, a series of images are captured at preset times, which can be seconds or minutes apart and then saved as a video clip for presentation. 

Individual images can also be analysed to give, for instance, particle size changes with time.

Clients work with Intertek's time-lapse capabilities to understand processes changes:

  • Capturing the behaviour of a system that changes with time/temperature
  • Visualisation of the process for suitable presentation to your clients and colleagues
  • Visualisation and usage of the images to obtain process rate information
  • Using video rate imaging video clips of the process to show, for instance, the failure of a part under stress

Characteristics analysed by time-lapse imaging:

  • Particle size changes
  • Particle shape changes
  • Change of position of particles
  • Crystal habit changes

Associated technical issues:

  • Fundamental understanding of process
  • Powder flow changes
  • Aggregation of particles
  • Affect of shear on system

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