Physical properties materials testing and measurement.

Understanding the physical properties of various materials and samples including chemicals, polymers, plastics, consumer products, food, petroleum, fuels, pharmaceuticals, films, coatings, raw materials or finished products, is crucial for overcoming challenges in these diverse industries. Leveraging our physical properties testing skill set, we develop a comprehensive insight into key physical characteristics of these materials and comprehension of their behavior, durability, and performance, supporting your research, innovation and problem solving challenges.

The significance of physical properties testing becomes especially pronounced when navigating the intricacies of industry-specific standards and regulatory requirements. Our experienced chemists and scientists conduct thorough analyses using proven and widely accepted industry and scientific protocols, including those outlined by ASTM and other regulatory bodies. The adherence to stringent standards is reinforced by the accreditation of individual laboratories to ISO 9000, ISO 17025, GLP, and other criteria tailored to the industries, markets, and clients they serve. This commitment ensures the reliability and validity of the physical property test measurements, providing our clients with the confidence and precision necessary for informed decision-making in their research and product development endeavors.

In a global landscape, our physical property test labs are strategically located to offer rapid and reliable services. Whether it's elucidating the characteristics of raw materials, ensuring the quality of finished products, or validating compliance with industry standards, our global network of laboratories ar ready to deliver comprehensive physical properties testing services on an international scale to support your business.


Physical testing capabilities:


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