X-Ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD) investigates crystalline material structure, including atomic arrangement, crystallite size, and imperfections.

X-Ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD) is useful nondestructive tool, that can be used to drive insights into sample composition by revealing detailed information about the crystallographic structure, chemical composition, and physical properties of materials. chemical and pharmaceutical research, offering profound insights into the structural properties of crystalline phases. This technique involves exposing a crystalline sample to a monochromatic X-ray beam, which, upon interaction with the ordered atomic structure of the crystal, generates a distinctive scattering pattern. This pattern serves as a fingerprint, revealing crucial information about the arrangement and types of atoms constituting the crystal.

Our highly skilled team of senior scientists leverage XRD analysis to provide vital insights into sample composition or confirm the presence of specific compounds supporting research and product development across chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. At Intertek, we stand as your dedicated Total Quality Assurance partner, equipped to fulfill all your XRD analysis requirements. Our expertise in utilizing XRD is bolstered by a commitment to delivering precise, actionable insights that drive innovation and quality in your research and product development processes.

XRD analysis provides:

  • Analysis of Solids, Powders or Dispersed Particles in a Liquid Matrix
  • Orientation and Texture Data
  • Grazing Incidence
  • Reflectometry
  • Kratky Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

XRD analysis applications:

  • Nano-Materials:
    Phase Composition, Crystallite size and shape, Lattice Distortions and Faulting, Composition Variations, Orientation, In-Situ Structure Development
  • Catalyst evaluation
  • Reservoir Core Analysis
  • Fuel Quality Testing
  • New Materials Research and Development
  • Quality Control e.g. for Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
  • Polymers and Composites: Crystalline form, Crystallinity, Crystalline Perfection, Orientation
  • Pharmaceuticals and Organics: Polymorphs, Crystallinity, Orientation

Our XRD analytical expertise: 

  • XRD Studies under Process Conditions
  • GLP and cGMP X-Ray Powder Diffraction (Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) or Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Standards)
  • Nano-scale Structure, Crystallite Size and Shape, Lattice Distortion and Faulting
  • Crystalline materials information includes phase composition, structure variations (solid solutions and polymorphs), crystallinity & orientation Non-crystalline periodicity, size and orientation

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