Nanotechnology laboratory research and analysis.

Expertise in nano-scale and nanomaterials microstructure and chemical composition analysis and research.

Intertek analytical nanotechnology laboratories measure nano-particle size, morphology, dispersion, uniformity, optical and physical properties, and chemical composition. Nanotechnology research seeks to design and manufacture small particles, then incorporate these particles into liquid or solid carrier matrices.

Intertek nanoscale nano-material research helps clients understand the use of inorganic fillers for the toughening of plastics, the incorporation of conductive particulates such as carbon nano-tubes to produce antistatic or electrically conductive composites, and the use of nano-clays to improve the barrier properties of films or coatings, among many other applications. A nano-particle is smaller than about 0.1 microns.

Nano-scale materials research and development:

Nano-particles analysis:

  • Analysis of particle size and morphology using electron microscopy
  • Application of image analysis to generate quantitative information on size and shape distributions
  • Carbon nanotubes analysis using raman spectroscopy to monitor tube diameter and sample purity, and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), as well as elemental analysis to provide information on sample purity or catalyst residue content
  • Coating analysis using spectroscopic techniques, or by surface analysis
  • Scratch Testing

Nano-dispersions analysis:

  • Optimum properties are dependent on achieving uniform dispersion (lack of aggregation), and sometimes on the control of orientation
  • Use of techniques such as electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction and spectroscopic methods to characterise the composite morphology and quantify aspects of homogeneity or orientation
  • Development of on-line measurements, as part of a manufacturing process

Processing of nano-materials:

  • Polymer matrix, filler content, physical properties and processing conditions investigations
  • Mechanical properties (e.g., toughness, scratch resistance or impact strength)
  • Optical performance (e.g., clarity, reflectance, refractive index)

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