Materials testing offers assurance that components used in your infrastructure or products are fit for purpose and capable of performing over their expected lifespan.

Materials testing is a diligent approach to ensuring that your infrastructure and vital equipment will provide continued production, undergo minimal degradation and are designed with optimal performance in mind. Materials testing can also supply a wealth of information about the materials you are developing or incorporating into products to ensure they perform within expected specifications. 

Ensuring that crucial materials are fit for purpose presents a challenge to developers, operators and manufacturers across many industries globally. You need assurance that your equipment and infrastructure will perform to the end of its design life with minimal maintenance, failure mitigation and with mechanical strength prioritised and planned for.   To optimise your R&D programmes you will need a comprehensive understanding of your materials or products under development.

Conducting materials testing for customers for over four decades, we are your ideal partner to provide the independent and industry-leading services you require.  Our expertise covers infrastructure, aerospace and automotive components, metals, composites, polymers, construction materials and more.
At Intertek, we also provide a range of Total Quality Assurance services that complement our materials testing. These services include consultancy, testing  and inspection in the areas of non-destructive testing, corrosion testing, materials analysis, asset integrity management, fatigue testing, oil and gas corrosion services, metallurgy, failure analysis, and physical and mechanical testing.

With our unique blend of local and global knowledge and internationally renowned experts leading our teams, we are the ideal provider for your materials testing, giving you the insight you need on material properties, strength, durability and performance.
As well as delivering solutions on a project-by-project basis, at Intertek we aspire to become your trusted Total Quality Assurance materials testing partner, enabling you to consolidate your vital services and streamline your processes.

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