We offer customers a wide range of standard and bespoke tests to evaluate their materials simulating field operating conditions to deliver the most cost-effective materials solutions.

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Corrosion and materials testing is fundamental to understanding how materials perform under simulated service conditions and can help to ensure that they will reach their projected design life.

Corrosion can cost up to 2-4% of a company's total revenue each year and can result in irreversible damage to materials, equipment, assets and pipelines. A well-designed materials selection and corrosion testing programme is key to ascertaining the suitability of materials for their intended service environments.

Intertek CAPCIS experts offer standard and bespoke tests across all industries to evaluate the materials simulating field operating conditions to deliver customers the most cost-effective materials solutions. We have the expertise and facilities to design and build test rigs to simulate challenging production environments and evaluate how materials perform within them.

Intertek CAPCIS corrosion testing solutions
As a leading industry expert, providing quality services through a trusted, experienced single-source partnership for every stage of the materials and corrosion lifecycle, Intertek CAPCIS has one of the largest materials and corrosion testing facilities in the world. We offer cutting-edge services through a wide range of corrosion and materials testing capabilities such as:

Our equipment includes corrosion-resistant, high-pressure vessels, dynamic autoclaves and flow loops. The range of analysis techniques we use includes advanced electrochemical monitoring, 3D laser profilometry and scanning electron microscopy.

We have extensive sour gas handling capabilities including a state‐of‐the‐art oxidation unit for scrubbing sour test gases and we have developed specialised techniques, which allow extreme acid gas partial pressures to be replicated.

The equipment is routinely used for materials evaluation including corrosion resistant alloys (ISO 15156 part 3) and non‐metallics (ISO 23296 part 1 and 2). In addition, the performance and compatibility of production chemicals can also be undertaken.

We can conduct corrosion environmental cracking tests, sucha as sulphide stress corrosion and hydrogen induced cracking tests in accordance with standards such as NACE TM0177 and TM0284 are routinely conducted. Slow strain rate testing equipment (including autoclave SSRT to TM0198 and RSSRT) is also available.

With our multi-discipline team, we can design unique solutions to solve problems related to complex or extreme corrosive environments.

Engaging our corrosion testing services provides the Total Quality Assurance you need that world-class teams are working to safeguard your people and processes and further your business in a competitive marketplace.

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