Our oilfield microbiology training courses can be tailored to ensure that your key personnel are fully versed in up-to-date methods and best practice.

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As bacteria are an ever-evolving threat in oil and gas extraction, microbiology training courses are essential to ensure that personnel are equipped with the most up to date knowledge and skills required to fully understand and address the related challenges, such as MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion); reservoir souring or flow issues in deaerators or pipelines due to biofouling. 

The growth of microorganisms in the oil and gas industry might impact operational and financial processes. For example, understanding integrity issues can be challenging especially when microbiological growth is involved. The course will help develop an understanding of some of the complex mechanisms behind this topic and will provide your representative with vital knowledge, allowing them to increase the value of their output by contributing to a responsible, safe and sustainable operation.

For microbiology training courses that provide your representatives with vital guidance while equipping them with the knowledge and confidence relevant to their roles, you need a partner you can trust.

With the dual aim of maximising your time and resources while ensuring the content is relevant to your requirements, we can conduct microbiology training courses either from our facilities or on your premises.

Arranging dedicated programmes tailored to your operational needs means we can cater for niche knowledge areas, such as detailed training in specialist oilfield microbiology.

Within our standard portfolio, each course is specifically designed to be suitable for personnel who have little or no previous experience in microbiology or personnel who want to up-date their knowledge, including engineers, production chemists, laboratory technicians and managers.

We also offer bespoke training courses to suit the needs of the delegates.

Collaborate with us to deliver your oil and gas microbiology training courses and you can be assured that our expertise and resources will enhance your employees’ knowledge of their specialist areas.

Our Total Quality Assurance team of world-class experts lead the intensive high-standard training courses we offer, contributing to our reputation for delivering high-quality, time-tested services to the global exploration and production industry.

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