Our legionella awareness training is designed to equip nominated personnel with the required skills to effectively manage the risks associated with legionella.

A lack of legionella awareness training and inefficient communication are factors that have been pinpointed as causes of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks in recent years.

It is a requirement for all those with nominated responsibilities to be suitably trained, informed and instructed on the risks of legionella. 

Personnel with appointed duties should be familiar with the requirements needed to implement effective risk management strategies. Additionally, it is recommended that refresher legionella awareness training is undertaken regularly. 

The more informed your workforce is as to the dangers of legionella bacteria and the conditions under which they thrive, the more competent individuals will be in taking preventative action and recognising warning signs.

With an extensive range of legionella awareness training options across all industries, we are the ideal Total Quality Assurance partner to deliver your courses. Running legionella awareness training since 2006, our lecturers possess experience gained in the field and can adapt programmes to suit your needs.

You can now book our UK-based legionella training courses online at Intertek Academy (select 'Exploration & Production' in the dropdown menu).

Target Audience: Duty holders, offshore installation managers, operation, maintenance and production team leaders.

Course Duration: One day.

Learning Outcomes: Health and Safety Executive guidance and legal responsibilities, the types of water systems at risk, offshore challenges, legionella legislation and the importance of compliance.

Target Audience: Focal points, medics, chief engineers, HSE advisors, first and second chief mates, chemists.

Course Duration: Two days.

Learning Outcomes: The history and science of legionellosis,  legionella bacteria problems, types of water systems at risk, case studies, why outbreaks have occurred and actions taken, biocides and water treatments, sampling techniques, analysis demonstration, laboratory tour, legionella legislation, legionella management systems and control strategies.

Target Audience: Maintenance and production engineers, stewards, domestic managers, chemists.

Course Duration: One day.

Learning Outcomes: How and why legionella bacteria causes problems, what types of water systems are at risk, legionella legislation and the importance of compliance, effective legionella management systems and control schemes.

Target Audience: Those who have previously attended an Intertek legionella awareness training course.

Course Duration: One day.

Learning Outcomes: Review of the principals behind legionella growth, review of control measures, changes to approved codes of practice and recent outbreaks review, question and answer session and discussions on experiences of offshore water management.


LCA Members provide a range of products and services for the control of legionella bacteria in water systems. We are committed to helping customers prevent legionellosis and keep their water systems safe.

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