Intertek’s exploration and production team provides pioneering assurance, testing, inspection and certification services along the oil and gas supply chain - from reservoir to refinery.

In the competitive, ever-evolving oil and gas industry, myriad challenges are presented by the need for innovative exploration and production approaches.

Fluctuating crude prices and demand provoke a greater need to expand exploration into new and existing reserves and ensure materials and infrastructure are designed to withstand progressively extreme production environments.

Against this changing landscape, the need for high-quality analytical testing services, expertise and specialist knowledge is rising as businesses seek to maintain a competitive edge in the fast-changing oil and gas market.

Our unrivalled blend of exploration and production Total Quality Assurance solutions range from testing, training and consultancy to manpower supply and laboratory outsourcing and design.  

These options bring together reservoir evaluation, production optimisation, asset integrity management and assuring the accuracy of hydrocarbon quantities

For more than three decades, we have worked alongside both national and international oil and gas organisations to deliver industry-leading services and support in one complete proposition. 

The cornerstone of our policy is to save your business time and resources, promote the longevity of your assets, minimise environmental impact and optimise production at each stage of the project lifecycle. 

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