Metering and calibration services are valued by our oil and gas clients focused on maximising accuracy, output and efficiency across their operations.

Metering and calibration services are essential in order to guarantee precision and reliability and reduce costly errors in the oil and gas industry.

Utilising a common oil and gas pipeline or shared infrastructure brings the challenge of maintaining precise volume measurements, as even the smallest inaccuracy can come at a high cost. Additionally, equipment used by businesses to check their own metering of fluids must be independently calibrated by a reliable and reputable partner.

The comprehensive metering and calibration Total Quality Assurance services we provide include flow measurement services, tank calibration services, metering consultancy, instrument calibrations and flow measurement training.

Our cutting-edge laboratories enable us to provide metrology solutions for equipment measuring crude oil, petroleum, refined products, natural gas (including shale gas), chemicals and other liquids and gases.

Possessing unrivalled depths of knowledge and skill, our technicians perform site-specific evaluations across diverse locations including production plants, pipelines, offshore platforms, lease automated custody transfer (LACT) units, refineries, chemical plants, storage tanks and terminals and more.

With us delivering your calibration and metering services, you can assure the precision of your systems, maintain production efficiency and ultimately, add value to your business with our Total Quality Assurance.

Petroleum and Chemical Cargo Inspection

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