Coriolis flow meter calibration is an essential part of maintaining accuracy in oil and gas production and is a service we can provide on-site, removing the need to ship your meter onshore.

Coriolis flow meter calibration is an essential requirement for oil and gas organisations using this variety of flow meter to maximise accuracy. 

Coriolis flow meters are become increasingly commonplace in offshore environments to facilitate flow measurement. 

Although their usage a carries benefits for oil and gas companies, Coriolis flow meter calibration must be carried out periodically to ensure that units continue to perform at their peak capability and are unaffected by their operating environments and degradation. 

Calibrating Coriolis flow meters has traditionally represented a challenge for operators as it can require downtime, the movement of large units and time to return and re-install the meter on-site following servicing. 

We perform Coriolis flow meter calibration using a mobile Coriolis master meter skid, which acts as a calibrated reference standard, to compare your instruments’ accuracy. 

Any necessary adjustments, based on your equipment’s performance will then be made, in line with international specifications. 

The mobile Coriolis master meter skid’s compact size allows it to be easily shipped to remote regions and to offshore sites with limited deck space. 

This is especially advantageous if you are unable to transport your metering instruments to a flow laboratory. It also means that your equipment can be calibrated under normal operating conditions, rather than in a laboratory environment. 

Kept in annual 17025 calibration, our Coriolis master meter skid is capable of 0.09% uncertainty of accuracy.

Choosing our Total Quality Assurance expert teams to deliver seamless Coriolis flow meter calibration will offer you peace of mind that your equipment is as accurate and efficient as possible.

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