Metering consultancy offers assurance that your oil and gas measurement systems are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to the highest standards.

Metering consultancy provided by experienced and reliable professionals offers the petroleum measurement validation and verification solutions your business needs.

As your petroleum revenue is determined by the accuracy and reliability of your measurement system, it is crucial that this is operating at its optimum. 

Our expert metering consultancy services will assist you in ensuring accuracy and securing the maximum economic return from your hydrocarbon resources. 

With years of experience in the industry, our metering consultants specialise in helping you achieve compliance with national and international standards and practices and will work with you to identify and address issues affecting the accuracy and performance of your flow measurement systems.

Encompassing conceptual design and third-party design specification review, our capabilities include front-end engineering, design and measurement system studies, basis of design and functional design specification.

Our Total Quality Assurance metering consultancy services include training courses to assist you with the professional development of your personnel, ensuring they are fully up-to-speed with industry best-practice. Our courses can be adapted to cover all aspects of flow measurement, document control and calibration techniques.

Ready to meet the location demands of your business, our metering consultants are based in and around strategic oil and gas hubs and are supported by a global network of laboratories and experts.

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Metering Consultancy

It takes dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced teams to deliver reliable, industry-leading metering consultancy. We are your ideal partner to provide this vital service - view our metering consultancy capabilities and get in touch to find out how we can help optimise your metering processes. 

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