Real-Time Hydrocarbon Composition Measurement

Real-time hydrocarbon composition measurement is optimised by InBlend, our online analysis package that produces data to determine hydrocarbon stream properties.

Real-time hydrocarbon composition measurement can provide an effective solution for oil and gas organisations as they seek to optimise the performance of their plants in a competitive climate.

Obtaining real-time hydrocarbon composition measurement data and using it to inform future plans and strategies can result in an increase in productivity, a reduction in operating and production costs and ultimately, a growth in profit.

At Intertek, our extensive research and development has led to the establishment of InBlend, our non-linear chemometrics software package.

When combined with online near infrared analysis, this cutting-edge technology delivers real-time hydrocarbon composition measurement capabilities to optimise the hydrocarbon supply chain.

The InBlend system uses advanced spectrum analysis, combined with state-of-the-art topological modelling, to produce fast and accurate data for measuring the properties of hydrocarbon streams.

It is currently utilised for well-stream allocations, multiphase meter validation, hydrocarbon reconciliation, fiscal allocation and hydrocarbon, CDU optimisation, blending gasoline and diesel and biodiesel and fatty acid methyl ester optimisation. 

Our InBlend software can be deployed across the entire crude oil supply chain, from the production stage to pipeline, refining and biofuel activities, answering a diverse range of requirements across the exploration and production industry.

The many advantages of utilising our InBlend software for real-time hydrocarbon composition measurement include access to a comprehensive set of properties within one model, an easy-to-maintain system and the ability to add new samples to your database without the need for remodelling.

Unique features, such as aggregate planes and spectral boxes and the option of extended data sets, are further features of InBlend.

Choosing us to guide your Total Quality Assurance approach to real-time hydrocarbon composition measurement will give you the confidence that you are working alongside a time-tested, reliable provider of comprehensive oil and gas and production support services.

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