Our pipeline allocation services assist oil and gas operators in receiving hydrocarbons of equal value to those they contributed to shared pipelines.

Pipeline allocation is often considered to be the most important stage of profitable oil and gas production. In the competitive exploration and production industry, field operators are continually striving to drive down costs. 

This has resulted in production, transportation and processing infrastructures being shared by a number of fields, particularly in areas such as the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. As fields often have different owner groups and operators, this inevitably results in products being mixed as they pass through the same system. 

Ensuring that each organisation receives hydrocarbons equal to the value of those they contributed presents a significant challenge. 

Independent, accurate and reliable analysis is key to ascertaining the quality of your product, reducing uncertainties and demonstrating compliance with regulated transportation agreements. 

From our accredited exploration and production laboratories, we offer a full range of pipeline allocation options to meet your unique requirements. 

Our approach to pipeline allocation is to establish a schedule of weekly examinations of your flow proportional samples. This can include the determination of fiscal water content and assessments of the hydrocarbon’s composition. 

Additionally, gross product worth analysis can be conducted, involving fractional distillation to determine the streams’ true boiling point curve, along with associated physical properties of commercial fractions. 

Providing pipeline allocation services to oil and gas businesses for over three decades, we have cemented our status as a market leader by supplying timely and accurate data and guidance. 

With world-class chemists, engineers and consultants strategically placed across the globe, we can provide you with a full range of Total Quality Assurance oil and gas services exactly where you need them.

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