Enhance and Protect Your Valuable Assets with Global Oil Condition Monitoring and Used Oil Analysis

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Ensure the longevity and efficient operation of your machinery with our Global Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) and Used Oil Analysis (UOA) services. These predictive maintenance programs are essential in preventing costly failures in machinery, engines, and power-trains by meticulously tracking changes in lubricant quality. Our services provide crucial early warnings of potential issues, aiding in the smooth and reliable operation of your machinery.

The health of machines, engines, and other components is often mirrored in the state of the lubricant oil used. Regular oil condition monitoring and used oil analysis are pivotal in identifying mechanical issues before they hinder your machinery's performance, saving you from expensive future problems.

Lubricants operate under severe conditions, facing high pressures, extreme temperatures, and other detrimental factors like water contamination and particle ingress. Our testing identifies high levels of wear particles early, allowing prompt corrective action. Conversely, when no significant wear is detected, service intervals can be extended, optimizing maintenance schedules.

Scheduled lubricant testing and professional guidance can prevent component or system failures and unplanned maintenance, safeguarding your operations and finances.

Our OCM and UOA programs provide detailed analysis of engine oils, lubricating oils, and other fluids to detect wear, lubricant degradation, and associated issues. With 24 global locations, our accredited labs offer comprehensive oil and lube testing results in clear, understandable reports. We offer customized test suites, including elemental analysis, viscosity, dilution, and more, suitable for a wide range of industries and lubricant types.

Our tailored solutions include direct reporting and access to our online portal for real-time data review, including sample counts, alerts, and data analytics.

Our program rapidly identifies issues with fluids, analyzed in our state-of-the-art labs by expert chemists and reviewed by analytical data specialists. Intertek's OCM and UOA services are streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective, providing comprehensive reports on both lubricant and machinery condition.

Our world-class testing facilities and global service reach, backed by independent and impartial Total Quality Assurance specialists, deliver precision, speed, and dedicated service.

Our cutting-edge Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) provides unprecedented accuracy in wear debris analysis, part of our OCM program. This powerful technique offers detailed insights into the health of assets and is automated for quick, accurate, semi-quantitative results. Our extensive experience in wear debris analysis spans over 40 years, covering diverse sectors like defense, aerospace, and marine.

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