TurbineCHECK™ Turbine oil quality and condition testing expertise.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek's TurbineCHECK™ oil condition monitoring laboratories evaluate new and in-service turbine oils for wear trending and quality control. The turbine oil testing labs routinely monitor client samples for the detection of turbine oil physical and chemical properties degradation, contamination, particles, metals, and water. Services are available on a global basis.

Lubricant monitoring tests provide data is a useful tactic to help anticipate and avoid unwelcome turbine oil lubrication failures. Timely replacement of ageing turbine lubricants, along with related turbine maintenance, are effective tools clients should use to protect their investments in expensive turbine machinery.

Important turbine oils test methods include viscosity, oxidation, water, trace metals, demulsibility, flashpoint, particles, and other analysis. Intertek's turbine oil labs are equipped to test client samples rapidly, with timely reporting and guidance.


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