Gas powered turbine oil condition monitoring and testing.

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Intertek's TurbineCHECK™ lubricant condition testing and monitoring services help maintain and extend running times for expensive gas turbine power generation installations, reducing the risk of costly turbine failure and emergency downtime.

Large capacity gas turbines operate at high temperatures, degrading lubricants faster than in steam turbines. By running a regular gas turbine oil condition monitoring program, Intertek provides clients with historical and trending data for large turbine lubricants. Oil condition data helps predict the service life of a turbine's lubricants, and suggest optimal times for lubricant replacement and engine maintenance.

Gas turbine oil condition monitoring

  • Wear Metals, Contaminants, Oil cleanliness
  • Oxidation, Color, Appearance, RULER Oil Test
  • Water content, Additive levels

Gas turbine fluid circulating problems measured

Gas turbine oil monitoring program options

  • OCM trending results indicate good overall results, allowing the gas turbine operator to extend the interval between oil changing services.
  • OCM trending results indicate there is a growing problem, and that corrective action should be taken to avoid gas turbine failure or unscheduled downtime.
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