RULER oil analysis measurements help determine if the extended useful life of a machine lubricant is possible before oil drainage, saving cost and avoiding the risk of oil failure and equipment damage.

RULER analysis measures the level of remaining antioxidant additive levels in lubricating oils, including turbine oils and hydraulic fluids. RULER analysis by Intertek is a useful test for machinery predictive maintenance programs.

Testing for antioxidant levels in machine lubrication oils will provide an assessment of the condition and ability of the oils to resist oxidation, a major contributor to lubrication failure. Routine RULER testing measures the depletion rate of antioxidant additives present in the oil, allowing for a prediction of the remaining useful life of the lubricant.

RULER analysis is recommended as an essential part of a oil condition monitoring program.

Intertek oil condition monitoring laboratories offering RULER analysis include Singapore, India, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. 

Oil samples can be easily packed and shipped to the laboratories for RULER analysis through Intertek's global predictive maintenance testing program.