India lubricant, oil condition monitoring, and grease testing.

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The Intertek Mumbai lubricant testing laboratory provides a full range of tests to support oil condition monitoring, lubricant quality, grease quality and other testing requirements.

Lubricant and oil condition monitoring testing expertise in Mumbai, India:

  • Air Release, ASTM D3427, IP-313
  • Ash, ASTM D482, D874
  • ASTM Color Scale, ASTM D1500
  • Boiling Point of Engine Coolant, ASTM D1120
  • Chloride, organic, ASTM D 4929
  • Copper Corrosion, ASTM D130
  • Demulsibility, ASTM D1401
  • Density, Specific Gravity, API Gravity, ASTM D4052, D1298
  • Elements Analysis ASTM D5185
  • Ferrography
  • Flash Point, ASTM D92, D3828, IP-303, D93, D892
  • FTIR, Fuel Dilution FTIR
  • Insolubles, Heptane ASTM D893, Pentane ASTM D893, Toluene ASTM D893, Insolubles Dispersancy
  • Millipore, ASTM D4055
  • Particle Count, NAS, ISO4406
  • Pour Point, ASTM D97
  • RBOT, ASTM D2272
  • Sulphur, ASTM D4294, IP-336
  • Total Acid Number ASTM D664, IP-177
  • Total Base Number ASTM D2896, IP-276
  • Viscosity Index, calculated ASTM D2270
  • Viscosity ASTM D445, D7279
  • Water ASTM D95, D1744, D6304, Water Content Crackle Test
  • Wear Index
India oils, petroleum and fuels testing and inspection:
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