Ferrography laboratory testing for lubricants and engines, evaluating oils, predicting lubricant failure, and lubricant wear-debris.

Ferrography testing by Intertek provides non-intrusive evaluation of lubricated components while the equipment is in a running state. Intertek experts offer Total Quality Assurance ferrographic failure analysis to clients across industries and markets. Ferrography analysis test data allows clients to avoid costly machine shut-downs and extend component life by taking preventative actions when early-warning abnormal wear is found.

Ferrography advantages:
By monitoring particles generated by wear or environmental contamination, Intertek ferrography experts are able to detect the critical stage of accelerated wear that precedes costly and dangerous component failures. Ferrographic analyses determines the number, size and shape of wear particles.

Ferrography diagnosis reports:
After the samples are analyzed by Intertek, the client receives a comprehensive diagnosis report by email or in hard copy format. The detailed report includes interpretation and a full color microscope photo of the wear particles.

Ferrography Testing for:

Products and Installations Monitored with Ferrography testing:

  • Engines, Gears, Pumps
  • Compressors, Gas Turbines
  • Steam Turbines
  • Hydraulic Systems, Refrigeration Systems
  • Grease Lubricated Bearings
  • Electrical Oil Systems
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Heat Treatment Systems

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