Mitigate risk and financial impact with objective observation and expert opinion

When water leakage, condensation, or other problems occur, an investigation is needed to identify the problem, establish corrective actions, and when necessary, determine liability. As a leader in building enclosure performance testing and evaluation services, Intertek provides an unmatched array of forensic services to provide objective observations to form the basis for our expert opinion.

Whether you are a building owner, contractor, attorney, architect, consultant, manufacturer, developer, or property manager, we provide solutions to help you mitigate risk and financial impact with creative remedial design options. This information can help identify responsible parties, and when necessary, be utilized in litigation support.

With Intertek, you have expertise in over 700 test methods performed in accordance with ASTM, AAMA, ANSI, military, and international standards, including ICC.  Additionally, we continue to develop new techniques and machinery for field testing as well as apply new test methods to help our customers meet their requirements.

Forensic Services

  • Air and Water Penetration Investigation
  • Thermal Diagnostics
  • Facade Movement and Failure Investigation
  • Roofing Analysis; structural, attachment and leakage
  • Material Defect Analysis
  • Contract Document Design Peer Reviews and Submittal Review relative to in situ construction and
  • contract documents

Building envelope areas of expertise

  • Waterproofing - Material Testing
  • Roofing - Thermal
  • Fenestration - Acoustics
  • Hygrothermal Performance Analysis - Occupant Comfort Complaint Investigations
  • Condensation Investigation Analysis - Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE’s)
  • Water Penetration Investigation - Condition Assessments
  • Air Leakage Investigation
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