Obtain and maintain product approval by evaluation entities that require an independent quality assurance program by participating in our quality assurance validation program. Through our third-party review of your quality systems and in-plant audits, we can provide the necessary support to ensure manufacturing consistency.

Florida Product Approval

Intertek is an approved Florida Inspection Agency, Certification Body and Evaluation Entity under the Florida Product Approval Program. Participation in an Intertek quality assurance or certification program will meet inspection requirements for Florida Product Approval.

IAS Metal Building Systems Inspection Accreditation

IAS accredits the inspection programs of companies that design and fabricate custom engineered metal building systems. The accreditation is based on requirements in IAS Accreditation Criteria AC472, International Building Code® and related standards. The accreditation criteria covers inspections of metal building system elements that are essential for designing, specifying, building or approving metal building systems.

When you participate in our quality assurance program, you provide assurance to your customers that your products are manufactured under an established quality system, are consistently manufactured to documented specifications, and, when required, are faithful reproductions of those which were originally independently tested and rated.

Manufacturers who participate in our Quality Assurance program are eligible to use the Intertek Independent Inspections Mark, demonstrating to your customers that your products are manufactured under a documented quality system.

Quality Assurance Programs may include:

  • Reviews of quality system documentation and quality control programs
  • Factory inspections to ensure that a quality program is in place and functional
  • Periodic random sampling, verification, and independent product testing

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Contact the BP Certification Help Desk at bpcerthelpdesk@intertek.com for more information about joining this program.

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