Glass and Glazing Products Testing

Reduce risk and validate the performance of your glass and glazing materials

Determine if your product meets industry quality standards and how your glass and glazing products will withstand daily environmental exposure, storm debris, or even human threats to ensure building occupants will remain safe and protected. With labs located coast to coast, highly experienced technicians, and innovative test equipment, partnering with Intertek will provide you with the highest level of accuracy to confidently showcase your product’s performance.

Safety Glazing and Insulating Glass Test Requirements Webinar

Insulating Glass
Measure the performance of your insulating glass products to environmental exposure, including extreme temperature variations, ultraviolet radiation, and changes in humidity. Our state-of-the-art accelerated weathering and high humidity chambers will provide you with the highest level of accuracy when it comes to seal durability, effects of weathering, and volatile fogging.

Safety Glazing
Evaluate your safety glazing material to ensure it will reduce or eliminate serious injury or death in the event it is broken by human contact. From testing tempered glass for breakage or fragmentation size to laminated or organic-coated glass for penetration and film or interlayer degradation, our environmental exposure equipment will simulate various environmental conditions to help determine if the safety glazing materials can successfully retain their safety and aesthetic characteristics after extended exposure to weathering conditions. We are proud offer an array of both destructive and non-destructive evaluation options.

Other Services
Our vast resources and technical expertise give us the capability to design, fabricate, and execute a custom test program or develop equipment and chambers to provide our clients with individualized tests designed to meet their specific evaluation needs. Contact us today to discuss on-site or laboratory test options or forensic investigation and diagnostic testing services.

Get Certified!
Between our industry recognized marks, Code Compliance Research Reports, Evaluation Services, and approval for all major industry certification programs, including IGCC, IGMA, ALI, NAMI, Keystone Certification Services, AAMA, and SGCC, Intertek has the right tools to help you get your products to market.

What types of additional services do we offer?

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