Building & Construction Performance Testing

Verify claims and distinguish your building products from others on the market

Significantly reduce your costs and turnaround time by utilizing a single provider with extensive experience in each of the below disciplines. Our breadth of capabilities for testing performance criteria allows for a more comprehensive understanding, more conveniently.

With the most advanced acoustical test lab in North America, we have the expertise and capabilities to help you meet your acoustical needs and differentiate your product.

Air / Water / Structural
With a comprehensive range of laboratory, environmental, and field test programs, we can evaluate and detect air leakage, structural performance, and water penetration.

Threat Resistance Testing
Protect what's on the inside. Our decades of testing experience can confirm your windows and doors provide a safe environment and mitigate hazards in the event of disaster.

Many variables affect the performance and service life of building materials. Get proof that your products can outlast others of its kind through lifecycle, fatigue, and exposure testing.

Failure Analysis
Improve your product quality and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by eliminating factors that compromise the integrity of your materials.

Fire and Flammability
From construction products and cables, to textiles and furniture, to IMO and SOLAS requirements, we can ensure you meet fire resistance, flammability, and flame spread requirements.

Hurricane Proof Building Materials Testing
Our guidance and expertise in regulatory standards, testing and certifications stays ahead of the changes and challenges in the market.

With proficiency in over 1,000 tests – and development of others as needed – obtain accurate data, pass/fail or classification ratings, and other useful information for determining modifications in product design and material selection.

Obtain Type Approvals and Case-by-Case Approvals for products intended for use in commercial vessels by a lab that is accepted and recognized by the United States Coast Guard.

By validating the design, workmanship, and material selection of your building products with our comprehensive mock-up testing, you can provide further assurance to your clients.

Nuclear Systems & Components
Validate, test, and report your products compliance to the strict regulatory requirements of the nuclear energy industry for use in nuclear power plants.

Get your alternate material, design, or method of construction approved by demonstrating compliance to the intent of the building code by testing with Intertek.

Gain impartial, precise data for performance of materials or components as well as data collection and statistical analysis leading to the determination of energy efficiencies.

Tornado and Storm Shelters
Understanding the testing and certification requirements for areas prone to these types of weather conditions is vital to ensure your building and construction products meet the desired level of performance.

Extreme weather conditions can have a significant impact on your building products. Make sure they can stand up to anything mother nature throws our way, including testing and certification for Miami-Dade County hurricane requirements.



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