Verify Claims and Differentiate Your Building Products with Confidence

At Intertek we empower you to substantiate your product claims and set your building materials apart from the competition. By centralizing your testing needs with our experienced team, you can significantly streamline processes, reduce costs, and accelerate project turnaround times. Our comprehensive testing capabilities provide you with a thorough understanding of your product's performance criteria, conveniently in one place.

Excellence Leverage the expertise of our advanced acoustical test lab in North America to meet your specific acoustical requirements and distinguish your product in the market.

Air / Water / Structural integrity
Benefit from our extensive range of laboratory, environmental, and field test programs to assess air leakage, structural performance, and water penetration, ensuring the quality and durability of your products.

Threat Resistance Assurance
Rely on decades of testing experience to confirm that your windows and doors create a safe environment, providing threat resistance and mitigating hazards during unforeseen events.

Durability Assurance
Understand how various factors impact your building materials' performance and service life through lifecycle, fatigue, and exposure testing, ensuring your products outlast others in the market.

Failure Analysis for Enhanced Quality
Enhance your product quality and gain a competitive advantage by identifying and eliminating factors that compromise the integrity of your materials.

Fire and Flammability Compliance
Ensure your products meet fire resistance, flammability, and flame spread requirements, adhering to industry standards for construction products, cables, textiles, furniture, and more.

Hurricane Resistance Building Materials
Stay ahead of market changes and challenges with our guidance and expertise in regulatory standards, testing, and certifications for hurricane-resistant building materials.

Materials Expertise
Leverage our proficiency in conducting over 1,000 tests, including customized ones, to obtain accurate data, pass/fail or classification ratings, and valuable insights for modifying product design and material selection.

Marine Compliance
Obtain Essential Type Approvals and Case-by-Case Approvals for commercial vessel use through a Coast Guard-recognized lab, ensuring your products meet marine industry standards.

Validation Assure your clients of the design, workmanship, and material quality of your building products through our comprehensive mock-up testing, providing added credibility and confidence.

Nuclear Systems & Components Compliance
Comply with stringent regulatory requirements of the nuclear energy industry for use in nuclear power plants, validating and reporting your product's compliance accurately.

Structural Validations
Demonstrate compliance to the building code's intent for alternate materials, designs, or construction methods through our testing services, gaining approvals for your projects.

Thermal Performance
Insights Acquire impartial and precise data on material or component performance, leading to informed decisions on energy efficiencies and sustainability.

Tornado and Storm Shelter Certifications
Navigate the specific testing and certification requirements for areas prone to extreme weather conditions, ensuring your products meet the desired performance levels.

Weathering Resilience
Subject your building products to rigorous testing, ensuring they can withstand extreme weather conditions, including meeting Miami-Dade County hurricane requirements.

Intertek is committed to empowering your success by providing exceptional testing services across these critical disciplines. Contact us today to elevate the performance and reliability of your building and construction products.

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