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Comprehensive Brochures

Comprehensive Flood Testing

Comprehensive Materials Testing

Comprehensive Acoustical Testing & Consulting

Comprehensive Fenestration Testing: Windows, Doors, Skylights

Comprehensive Roofing Testing

Comprehensive Fire Testing


Informational Bulletins

NFPA 80 Updates

How Monitoring your Construction Activity Can Mitigate your Risk

GreenON Window Rebate Program: What does it mean to you?

State Fire Marshal (SFM) 12-7A-1: Frequently Asked Questions

Changes to AC273 for Handrails & Guards

Low-Slope Roofing and ES-1 Testing FAQs

NFPA 80 Labeling Update: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why

AC07 Specialty Roofing Systems Frequently Asked Questions

NFRC Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. Passive Buildings & Thermal Performance Requirements for Windows & Doors

Changes to the Keystone Certifications Inc. Default Laboratory Program

Lead in Water Testing

New Crystalline Silica Standard

Introduction to ICC 500 - 2014

Introduction to ASTM E84

Key Changes to UL 1703 & FAQs

Proposed Membrane Roof Uplift Testing for the 2015 National Building Code of Canada

The Changing Dynamic of Certification and Field Labeling


Service Spotlights / Fact Sheets

Whole-Building Air Testing

Accessibility ADA Assessments

Advanced Geophysical Services

Guardrail Testing & Engineering Review - Canada

West Region Product Capabilities

Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Consulting

Insulating Glass (IG) Rapid Assessment Chamber (RAC)

Fiber Cement Siding Testing

A Complete Solution for Fire Testing

Building Science Solutions: Resilience Services

Wind Resistance & Wind Uplift

CE Marking Certification

Facility Managers Wheel of Services

General Contractors Wheel of Services

A Complete Sports Facility Solution

Building & Construction Engineering Services

A Complete Solution for New and Existing Buildings - Building Sciences Solutions

Intertek MT Group Service Solutions

A Complete Infrastructure Solution

Complete Glass and Glazing Solutions

Building Enclosure Field Testing

Energy & Sustainability Services Spotlight

Building Health and Wellness Services Spotlight

Elmendorf, TX Testing Services

Coquitlam, British Columbia Testing Services

A Complete Solution for Modular Certification

Air, Water, and Structural Testing

Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) FAQs

West Region Solar Testing Solutions

Kent/Woodinville, WA Testing Services

Fridley, MN Testing Services

Special Inspections Program for the Tennessee Market

Property Condition Assessments - Structural

Storm Shelter Testing and Certification

Vapor Encroachment

Florida Building Code Report (FBCR)

Threat Resistance Testing

Thermal Testing Services

VOC Emission Certification - Door Frame Hardware Sustainability

Industrial Hygiene Services for the Health Care Industry

Modular Building Solutions

Northeast Region Components & Materials Testing

Northeast Region Acoustical Testing

West Region Solar Testing

Lake Forest Constructs A Robinson-Type Floor Tester

Canadian Construction Services

Floor Moisture Forensics


New Service Announcements

Intertek-PSI Opens New Office in Plant City

Asbestos Investigation

Increased Drilling Capabilities - Northeast Wisconsin

Universal Testing Machine - Plano, TX

Comprehensive Flood Testing

Lake Forest Erects a Mock-up Wall

Lake Forest Constructs a Robinson-Type Floor Tester

Dimension Stone Petrography

Lithia Springs Acquires a WOLF

CRRC Approved for Rapid Ratings Program – Middleton, WI

Reducing Your Time to Market – York, PA

Expanded Air / Water / Structural Facility – Farmingdale, NY

New West Coast Acoustic Chambers – Lake Forest, CA

ASTM E136 / CAN ULC S114 – Coquitlam, BC

Dynamic Wind Uplift Chamber – Coquitlam, BC

ETL Mark for Building Products

Intertek Gains Approval in Florida as an Evaluation Entity

New Air / Water / Structural Capabilities – Middleton, WI

Static Wind Uplift Chamber – Plano, TX

VOC Capability Expansion – Middleton, WI



Fire Rated Grease Ducts

Declaring and Use of Sustainable Materials for Eco-Friendly Buildings - PART TWO

Fenestration – Canada: NAFS Testing, Certification, and Path to ENERGY STAR

NFPA 285 - 2023 Edition: An Overview of the Changes

Windows, Doors, and Skylights in North America: NAFS-22

CAN/ULC S134: Combustible Components in Non-Combustible Construction

ASTM F3561 Forced-Entry-Resistance of Fenestration Systems

Declaring and Use of Sustainable Materials for Eco-Friendly Buildings

Construction Monitoring - Before, During, and After

Existing Building Opportunities: Retrofitting Enclosures to Improve Energy Conservation, IAQ & Moisture Management

Paths to Florida Product Approval

Europe Market Access: Building Products

Accelerated Weathering: The What, Why, How, & Where

Managing Risk Through Effective Quality Control Field Testing

Windows and Doors 101

Fire Testing Fundamentals and Certification Requirements

Hurricane Standards, Testing, and Product Approvals

Exploring Embodied Carbon

ICC 500 - Intertek Offerings

Healthy Building Mega-Trends and the Renewed Focus on Indoor Air Quality

The Importance of Acoustical Field Testing

Plastic Composite Decking: Codes and Standards

The Importance of Field Inspection and Labeling

Introduction to the IMO 2010 FTP Code Webinar

Spray Foam 101: Your Guide to Testing, Certification, and Beyond Webinar

Thermal Testing & NFRC Certification

Acoustical Field Testing

Smart City Solutions: Structural & Forensic Evaluations and 3D Utility Mapping

SpecDirect Overview

Assuring Health and Wellness: Learning from the Pandemic

Support of Road Embankment on Very Soft Soils – Coastal Plains

Occupy with Confidence: Strategic Approaches to Reduce Risk Now and in the Future V2

Occupy with Confidence: Strategic Approaches to Reduce Risk Now and in the Future

Modular Construction - Introduction, Trends and Intertek Capabilities

Flood Barrier Testing: Lab & Field

School Security

Disinfection Process Management - Facility Infection Control Measures

Building Products Certification Part II

Smart City Solutions: 3D Utility Mapping and Structural & Forensic Evaluations

From Handshakes to Engineering Judgements

Building Products Certification: The Process & Benefits

Re-Occupy with Confidence: Practical Approaches to Reduce Risks and Create Healthier Indoor Environments

Introduction to the Directory of Roof Assemblies (DORA)

AERC Air Leakage & Computer Simulations and Solar Testing

Building & Construction Field Testing

NFRC Computer Simulations & Thermal Testing

Acoustics in Residential Projects

NFPA 285 - The Burning Questions - Combustibles in Non-Combustible Construction

Fire Doors 101: Your Guide to Testing, Certification and Beyond

Construction Monitoring: Before, During, and After

NFPA 285: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

From Handshakes to Engineering Judgements – An Overview and Discussion on the Progression and Development of Performance-Based Design and Equivalencies

Addressing Asbestos and Mold Impacts in Storm Damaged Buildings

NFPA 80: Are you ready?

Understanding Title 24: Current Requirements and the Changes to Come

Miami-Dade County: Putting Your Products to the Test

Intertek Lab Report: Tornado Shelter Codes & Standards

Testing & Certification: One Floor at a Time

Field Testing & Forensic Investigation

Florida Product Approval: Everything you Need to Know

Keys to a Successful Mock-Up

The Acoustic Series: From the Floors Up

The Acoustic Series: Staying on Top of what’s Over Your Head

The Acoustic Series: A Focus on Fenestration

The 5 Ws of VOCs: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

Acoustic Performance in Building Design and Commissioning

Building Products Certification: The Process & Benefits

Fire Doors 101: Your Guide to Testing and Certification

Plumbing Products Testing & Certification

Polymers in Building Products

Polymers in Building Products II

Roofing Webinar Series Episode 1: Code Compliance & Certification

Roofing Webinar Series Episode 2: Fire Testing & Listings

Roofing Webinar Series Episode 3: Uplift / Wind / Water, Structural, & Impact Testing

Roofing Webinar Series Episode 4: Acoustical Performance of Roof Systems

Roofing Webinar Series Episode 5: Cool Roof / Green / EnergyStar & Thermal Testing

The Ins & Outs of Door Hardware

Tornado Testing and Certification Requirements

Understanding NAFS-08 in the Canadian Market

For a complete listing of webinars, please see:


White Papers

U.S. and Canadian Requirements for Windows and Doors

ASTM E84: Smoke Variability and Implications of Laboratory Selection Based on Smoke Area Calibration

Bringing Clarity to Listings & Code Evaluations

Certification for North American Construction & Plumbing Products

Manufacturer’s Guide to the European Construction Products Directive: CE Marking & Builder’s Hardware

New Hearth Emission Standards: The Definitive Guide to the EPA’s New Source Performance Standards for New Wood Heaters

The Evolving Code Evaluation Process

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