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Through its in-depth interactions with global clients in a diverse set of industries, Intertek is able to capture real-world experience and best practices in an ever-expanding White Paper library.


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G Marking For Low-Voltage Electrical Products in the Gulf Member States
Case Study: Oligonucleotide Identification, Assay and Impurities
Understanding Operational Life of Lithium Ion Batteries
Global Grid Code Evaluations & Compliance
Shear Rheology with a Wink to Polymer Processing
FAQ: California Proposition 65 Warning Label Requirements
Data Science When Applied to Plant Operations and Cost of Cycling White Paper
Battery Storage Technologies in the Power Plant Market White Paper
Acrylamide and 2018 EU Regulation
Compatibility Testing and Life Estimation of Non-Metallic Materials
Analytical Strategies for Quality Control of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC
Overview of IEC 62368-1: Safety of Information Technology and Audio/Video Equipment
Technologies to Measure Immunogenicity
Appliance and Control Devices: Software Compliance
Automotive Lighting: Photometric Concepts, Calibration, and Measurement
UAE ECAS Compliance: Manufacturer Guidance White Papers
How do you know your storage tanks are safe and reliable?
Asset Failure! Using failure analysis and forensic engineering to determine what happened.
Maximize productivity and minimize downtime white paper
Technical Resources - right people, right place, right time white paper
Advanced Non-Destructive Testing vs Conventional Non-Destructive Testing
Want a long life? So do your assets. We'll tell you how.
Assure quality through vendor auditing and surveillance