Basic & Industrial Chemicals

Basic and industrial chemical testing and regulatory services to help meet quality and regulatory standards and optimal efficiency across the supply chain.

Basic and industrial chemicals are produced in huge quantities and are critical ingredients for products used by both industry and the general consumer. They include chemical raw materials derived from oil (petrochemicals), basic inorganics and intermediates for chemical processes.

Understanding the manufacturing processes and the chemical composition of these basic chemicals is important in order to meet cost reduction targets and to comply with increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations.

Our scientists test and analyse basic and industrial chemicals which are used in a range of industries such as specialty chemicals, polymers, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, detergents, solvents, textiles and many others. Tests include chemical composition and physical properties, conducted to international standards including ASTM and ISO, and in-house methods assist your quality control testing, trace analysis and contamination issues.

We also provide comprehensive consulting support for developing and implementing worldwide regulatory compliance strategies for new and existing products. Our services relate to new product introductions, data development, as well as validation of compliance of existing products with local and global regulations, delivered with Total Quality Assurance.

Intertek’s support for the manufacturing process includes safety services for chemical powders and scientific consultancy for implementation and monitoring of on-line and at-line measurements. We also know that assuring the longevity and safety of your materials and plant infrastructure are key priorities. At Intertek, our corrosion and asset integrity experts can provide testing and consultancy in the areas of chemical treatments, corrosion control and production chemistry to promote safety and lower the risk of materials failure.

To help navigate the complex supply chains and distribution routes, our cargo inspection and supply chain auditing services can safeguard your products and minimise risk.

Wherever you are positioned in the supply chain, our network of laboratories, capabilities and Total Quality Assurance expertise is delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion to support your research or manufacturing, ensuring your products and processes reach optimal quality and efficiency.


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