Intertek laboratories test for the presence of formaldehyde in products and materials. Products tested for formaldehyde include textiles, fibers, chemicals, coatings, plastics, food, manufactured products, hydrocarbons and more.

Formaldehyde detection can reach trace levels. Intertek labs provide analysis to international standards, and develop appropriate formaldehyde analytical testing methods, depending upon the sample matrix and detection levels required. 

Formaldehyde Test Methods:

  • BS EN 14184-1 Textiles. Determination of formaldehyde. Free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde (water extraction method)
  • BS EN 14184-2 Textiles. Determination of formaldehyde. Released formaldehyde (vapour absorption method)
  • BS 6806: 1987 parts 1,2,3 Formaldehyde in textiles.
  • Cosmetics Directive 82/434/EEC

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