Intertek delivers end-to-end footwear testing, inspection, auditing, advisory, training and quality assurance services with precision, enabling retailers, manufacturers and importers to ensure the safety, quality and performance of your footwear and leathergoods products.

Intertek's extensive footwear and leathergoods assurance, testing, inspection and certification capabilities offer Total Quality Assurance to our customers, enabling proactive evaluation of footwear at all stages of development and production, to ensure consistent product quality and speed to market. Testing the materials and components that make up the finished product, as well as evaluation of the complete shoe, helps ensure safety compliance, reduce returns, improve quality and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our accredited footwear testing labs are strategically located in key footwear manufacturing regions, offering global reach with local solutions.


  • Footwear in-house lab accreditation program
  • Fit assessment
  • Anti-mould solution
  • Footwear consultation


Our testing capabilities extend to all types of footwear, from athletic and children’s shoes to safety/PPE footwear and high-end designer shoes. Intertek is accredited to perform physical, mechanical and chemical testing to ensure the safety and performance of your footwear, including:

Physical performance testing, including:

  • Slip and flex cracking resistance
  • Sole bond adhesion, seam, heel attachment strength
  • Colorfastness
  • Components – zips, touch, close fasteners, and others
  • Waterproof properties
  • Whole shoe appraisal, etc.

Chemical testing, including:


Partnering with an independent inspection and testing entity enables you to identify and control quality concerns at the source whether inspection is conducted before, during and after production. Our inspectors have been well trained to inspect raw materials to be used, craftsmanship, production status, quantity, and more to ensure you will receive your sandals or handbags without unnecessary surprises.


Intertek’s Compliance Practitioners Initiative (CPI) offers a 5-day training program Compliance Practitioners Initiative (CPI) – Certified Footwear Inspector, which covers basic knowledge in footwear inspection. Upon completion, a certificate is awarded to participants fulfilling course requirements.

Footwear brands and retailers face many challenges as they strive to maintain a competitive edge in a crowded industry.

Intertek’s global network of technical experts and state-of-the-art laboratories deliver world-class support services that enable footwear brands and retailers to achieve success by minimizing risk and avoiding costly product recalls; demonstrating compliance with unique safety regulations in different markets; developing innovative products by leveraging our testing expertise; and expanding into new markets quickly and confidently.

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Access information about chemical regulatory requirements and hazardous substance restrictions for the apparel and footwear industry from wherever you are. Intertek’s RSL for Textiles & Footwear app provides on-the-go assurance that your products to comply with various regional regulatory requirements, like US CPSIA, Health Canada, EU REACH, EU POP as well as your own chemical management program.

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