Leverage our expertise in testing metal components to protect your business and meet the growing consumer demand for durable, high-quality products.

Metal parts are vulnerable to various conditions such as corrosion, wear and tear, and environmental factors, yet they are integral to many consumer products, including footwear accessories, leather goods, belt buckles, jewellery, buttons, zips, and snap hooks. We conduct metal components testing for compliance with mandatory regulations, as well as quality and performance.

At our global Centres of Excellence, our experts assist you in assessing the safety, reliability, and durability of your products' metal components. They also help you detect defects and ensure compliance with standards and brand specifications.

We offer a wide range of tests, including chemical, climatic, and mechanical tests, as well as tests on coating and finishing, providing comprehensive knowledge of your materials throughout their lifecycle. Understanding the behaviour of your metal components under all conditions of use, packaging, storage, and transport allows you to optimise manufacturing processes, time-to-market, and product service life.

Discover our testing services for metal parts to power ahead safely:

Chemical testing:

  • Regulatory testing: REACH, CPSC, Proposition 65, etc.
  • Product compliance according to the Product Restricted Substances List (PRSL) or other international initiatives regulating substances of concern
  • Research into allergenic compounds such as heavy metals (nickel, cobalt, etc.) and alarming substances including fluoride, bisphenols, and more.

Accelerated aging tests:

  • Climatic testing to assess how your metal accessories will age under environmental simulations
  • Damp heat tests with or without leather interaction in accordance with ISO 4611
  • Salt spray tests in accordance with NF EN ISO 9227 and ASTM B117
  • Thioacetamide tests
  • Artificial sweat resistance tests in accordance with NF S80-77

Mechanical testing:

  • Mechanical tensile, compression, torsion and bending tests
  • Endurance tests including opening/closing and rotation
  • Abrasion resistance tests according to ISO 23160

Tests on finishing and coatings:

  • Accelerated aging under artificial light (Suntest, etc.)
  • Resistance of coatings by cross-cut test in accordance with ISO 2409
  • Adhesion of coatings by thermal shock
  • Scratch resistance (for lacquered parts, for example) and abrasion resistance tests according to ISO 23160
  • Resistance to wear by ceramic elements
  • Coating thickness measurement using metallographic cutting, with or without coating composition analysis.

This is a non-exhaustive list of tests. For questions or additional information, please contact our experts.

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