Garment care labels provides guidelines to consumers and apparel caregivers about the best cleaning procedures to be used for a particular combination of fabric, thread, decoration, and construction techniques.

Following the instructions on Garment Care labels provide assurance that the appearance and fit of the garment will be maintained after repeated cleaning treatments. As manufacturers, importers and retailers, your brand value is dependent on each product’s appearance. How do you ensure that garment care labels placed on your product are understandable for consumers and apparel caregivers, while simultaneously meeting the national and international requirements trade?

Many countries have mandatory or voluntary standards for garment care labeling instructions that apply to either apparel or soft home furnishing products:


  • Care Labeling of Clothing, Household Textiles, Furnishings, Upholstered Furniture, Bedding, Piece Goods and Yarns


  • Care Labeling of Textiles


  • International Textile Care Labeling Code


  • Care Labeling of Textile Goods

United States

  • Care Labeling of Textile Wearing Apparel and Certain Piece Goods

Intertek conducts the following tests to determine the most appropriate consumer care conditions for the tested products: Colourfastness to washing or dry cleaning

  • Colourfastness to bleaching
  • Dimensional stability
  • Appearance retention
  • Ironing, if needed