Comprehensive Children’s Furniture Testing including cribs, changing tables and more

Intertek's global network of laboratories conduct children's furniture testing to mandatory regulations and voluntary standards to ensure your products meet specific safety requirements

Children’s Furniture Testing is a critical requirement established by international standards. Building and buying safe children’s furniture is key to manufacturers’ and consumers’ peace of mind.

We test to the following children's furniture test standards:

United States

  • Mandatory Standards
    • 16 CFR 1219 – Full Size Cribs
    • 16 CFR 1220 – Non Full Size Cribs
    • 16 CFR 1217 – Toddler Beds
    • 16 CFR 1213 – Children’s Bunk Beds
  • Voluntary Standards
    • ASTM F1427 – Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds (note this is different than the federal bunk bed standard – this one is more stringent)


  • Mandatory Standard
    • SOR 2010-261 – Cribs, Cradles, Bassinets

Intertek also conducts testing to other standards for children’s furniture such as toy chests, children’s folding chairs, commercial cribs, high chairs and more.

With the rise of the middle class in Asian countries including China and India, consumers from the East and the West are now increasingly looking for high-quality juvenile products and willing to pay a premium for safe and sustainable products.

The safety of juvenile products is a paramount concern of every parent or caregiver and the responsibility of the whole community. A safe product and environment should be provided for all children and their surroundings. From design and safety to quality assurance, Intertek strives to achieve consumer confidence and trust in your products and ensure the overall sustainability of your brand for years to come.

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Product Safety Compliance Standards for Child Sleep Environment Textile Articles

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