Don't just say you are compliant, prove it!  Intertek's Furnishings Verified program provides a new level of transparency for organizations and their customers, providing proof products meet or exceed industry standards and product claims. 

The Furnishings Verified program helps organizations highlight their product performance to standards such as: ANSI/BIFMA, EN, ISO, and California laws without needing to pass along confidential test report data. Additionally, this program can be utilized to showcase product families and organizational claims.

How the Process Works:

  1. Intertek collaborates with clients, constructing a test plan to verify product families and claims.
  2. Testing and claim verification is conducted at an Intertek facility.
  3. A test report with technical information is provided to the client for review.
  4. Then test reports are transformed to create a public-facing document, the Verification of Conformity, outlining confirmation to standards and claims.
  5. The Verification of Conformity is published on the Intertek directory for users to easily verify the authenticity of claims.

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