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ManufacturerCategoryProduct NamesModelsReport NumberReport Date
KindelDesks/TablesRectangular with Rounded Corners Confrence TableCT11-09650A103434537GRR-001A16/21/2018
KindelDesks/TablesRectangular Conference Table Oval Conference table Oval Conference Table 6922-16850A Boat Shape with Square Corners Conference Table941-09650C 6921-09650A 6922-16850A 6931-09650C103434537GRR-001B6/21/2018
KindelDesks/TablesBancroft Executive Desk Younge Executive Desk Executive Desk Conference Desk Executive Desk Conference Desk George III Desk George III Desk 602-8442 600-7236 90-6666 (including L) 90-6678 (including L) 90-7272 (including L) 90A-8442 6972 (including L) 6666 (including L)103434537GRR-001C6/21/2018
KindelDesks/TablesWashington Desk90-3572103434537GRR-001D6/21/2018
KindelDesks/TablesFederal Table Desk Chippendale Office Chippendale Office Adams Table Desk Federal Table Desk98A-8442 (including L) 98-6032 (including L) 98-7236 (including L) 98-7242 (including L) 98A-7236 (including L)103434537GRR-001E6/25/2018
KindelDesks/TablesRulman Executive Desk Executive Desk Conference Desk Conference Desk Conference Desk Conference Desk603-9242 (Including L) 90-6060 (including L) 6072 (including L) 90-7284 (including L) 90M-6678 (including L) 90M-7284 (including L)103434537GRR-001F6/25/2018
KindelDesks/TablesL Station U Station L Station U Station L Station U Station L Station L Station L Station U Station L Station U Station L Station L Station610-7254 610-7254-72 91-66E48 91-66E48-66 91-72E48 91-72E48-72 91P-66E48 91P72E48 91M66E48 91M-66E48-66 91M-72E48 91M-72E48-72 91PM-66E48 91PM-72E48 103434537GRR-001G6/25/2018
KindelDesks/TablesDavis Single Bookcase Davis Double Bookcase Davis Triple Bookcase Double Bookcase Single Bookcase Triple bookcase Davis Single Bookcase Davis Double Bookcase Davis Triple Bookcase Double Bookcase Single Bookcase Triple bookcase95-3256 95-6256 95-9256 95-6230 95-3230 95-9230 95M-3256 95M-6256 95M-9256 95M-6230 95M-3230 95M-9230103434537GRR-001H6/26/2018
KindelDesks/TablesBroad street Broad Street Broad Street93-57K 93M-42 93-42K103434537GRR-001I6/21/2018
KindelDesks/TablesCrezenda Credenza Credenza Deck Deck Credenza Deck631-31-34-31 631-31-34F-31 631-32-34F-32 641-30-32-30 641-31-31-31 93M-32K-32K 94M-31-31103434537GRR-001J6/28/2018
KindelDesks/TablesCredenza Credenza Deck Deck Credenza93M-32K-32K 93M-32K-36KD-32K 94M-11-33-33-11 94M-31-31 631-31-37-31103434537GRR-001K6/29/2018
KindelDesks/TablesJoyce Chair690510334537GRR-0016/21/2018
Naughtone Ltd.General Purpose SeatingAlways Chair CollectionAlways Chair on Black Skid Base
Always Chair on Oak Base
Always Lounge on Oak Base
Always Wood Leg Chair
Always Lift Chair
Naughtone Ltd.General Purpose SeatingViv Chair CollectionViv Lift Chair103896225GRR-001V108/12/2019
Naughtone Ltd.General Purpose SeatingBusby Lounge ChairBusby Lounge Chair - NOBSN103611890GRR-00102/25/2021
Naughtone Ltd.General Purpose SeatingPoly Chair CollectionPoly Four Leg Chair
Poly Sled Base Chair
Poly Bar Stool
Naughtone Ltd.General Purpose SeatingVIV ChairVIV Chair on 4 Leg Base - VIVCHB4L104276796GRR-00102/25/2021
Naughtone Ltd.Height Adjustable Table/DeskHatch/Symbol TableHatch/Symbol Table - HATSYMTREC104594790GRR-001V103/15/2021
Naughtone Ltd.Lounge SeatingNaughtoneHUE2NAST Hue Two Seat Sofa on Bar Height Base104594790GRR-002V103/15/2021
Polycom Inc.Desks/TablesRPIS Flex SystemFront Table, Rear Table103257342GRR-001V17/1/2018
The Senator GroupGeneral Purpose SeatingNico Chair CollectionDB432 Nico Chair, DB433 Nico Stool104064902GRR-001V110/18/2019
The Senator GroupGeneral Purpose SeatingLyft ChairLyft 104087160GRR-001V111/18/2019

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