In China, environmental requirements on furniture have become more and more strict

The national standard called Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials – Limit of harmful substances of wood-based furniture requires that the formaldehyde release of wood furniture must be ≤1.5 mg/L. but the actual rate shown by surveys is worth being worried about. China has mandated that furniture produced after Oct 1, 2004, must have detailed safety instructions marked. The safety of furniture plays an important role in everyday life.

Intertek China Domestic Market Services provides advisory, testing, training, and other services related to national standards on furniture, helping you to succeed in the China market.

Standard Test Product
GB18584 Indoor decorating and
refurbishing materials--Limit of harmful substances of wood-based furniture
  • formaldehyde release
  • soluble heavy metals content
wood indoor furniture
GB 5296.6 Instructions for use of products of consumer interest--Part 6:Furniture
  • instruction of use
all furniture
QB/T 1951.1 Wooden furniture –quality verify and assess
  • size
  • moisture content of wood
  • wood work and painting requirement
  • chemical test
  • mechanical test
wood furniture

QB/T 2280 Office chair

  • size
  • materials and fire resistance
  • coating\plating\plastic component
  • performance mechanical test
  • formaldehyde release
office chair

China's national mandatory standards, commonly known as China GB standards, are concerned with human health, safety, and hygiene from various products or high-risk product categories. All products produced and sold in China or imported to China must comply with China's mandatory standards.

Learn more about the various mandatory GB standards required by China with our helpful guide.

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