China is becoming the biggest market in the world for the purchase of luxury and imported goods. Huge business opportunities are attracting more and more international brands to enter the China market. Many brands are not familiar with all the GB standards you are required to test to.

As the leading expert on Chinese GB testing standards, Intertek can help ensure your apparel, textiles, cosmetics and leathergoods meet quality, safety and compliance to Chinese GB standards and CCC certification requirements. Intertek has established a China Domestic Market Service (CDMS) division to serve the GB testing and compliance needs of our customers. Based in China, this group actively participates in China standardization activities, works in cooperation with China authorities and closely monitors China market trends, regulations and standards. Intertek offers China National Accreditation Services for Conformity (CNAS) and China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval (CMA) accredited labs in China, as well as throughout Asia and Europe, to meet your GB needs. Intertek also provides value-added services including Chinese document translations, technical support for consumer inquiries and assistance with market audits. Intertek is your one-stop-shop solution for all products requiring GB testing. Through our global lab network, Intertek is accredited to test for compliance to more than 100 GB standards, including:

Textiles and Accessories

  • GB 18401-2010 National general safety technical code for textile products
  • GB/T 5296.4 Instructions for use of products of consumer interest- Instructions for use of textiles and apparel
  • GB/T 21980 Current technical criterion for sportswear and exposure suit
  • FZ/T 81014 Infant wear
  • GB/T 8685 Textiles – Care labeling code using symbols
  • GB/T 18885 Technical specification for ecological textiles


  • GB 20400 Leather and fur- limit of harmful matter
  • QB/T 1002 Leather shoes
  • GB/T 15107 Athletic footwear


  • GB 6675 National safety technical code for toys
  • GB 19865 Electric toys safety
  • GB/T 9832 Sewed plush and cloth toys
  • GB/T 5296.5 Instructions for use of products of consumer interest-instructions for use of toys Stationery
  • GB 21027 Request in common use of security for students articles
  • QB/T 2777 Marker
  • QB/ 1336 Crayon


  • GB 21027 Request in common use of security for students articles
  • QB/T 2777 Marker
  • QB/ 1336 Crayon


  • GB 3565 Safety requirements for bicycles
  • GB 14746 Safety requirements for bicycles for young children


  • GB 18584  Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials – Limit of harmful substance of wood based furniture
  • GB/T 3324 Wooden furniture – General technical requirements
  • GB/T 5296.6 Instructions for use of products of consumer interest –Part 6: furniture
  • QB/T 1951.1 Wooden furniture – quality verify and assess

Cosmetic and washing goods

  • GB 5296.3 Instruction for use of consumer products – General labeling for cosmetics


  • GB 19778 Packing glass containers – Release of lead cadmium arsenic and antimony-Permissible limits
  • GB 9683 Hygienic standard for composite laminated food packaging bag


  • GB 19885 Moon cake
  • GB 14884 Hygienic standard for preserved fruits

China's national mandatory standards, commonly known as China GB standards, are concerned with human health, safety, and hygiene from various products or high-risk product categories. All products produced and sold in China or imported to China must comply with China's mandatory standards.

Learn more about the various mandatory GB standards required by China with our helpful guide.

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