Through an extensive array of global accreditations, recognitions, and agreements, Intertek provides certification services for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and suppliers in the global marketplace

Product certification (the end result of a successful conformity assessment) is required before products may be sold in a particular market. This is usually demonstrated via a market-specific certification mark on the product itself. Examples of these certifications performed by Intertek include Toy Safety Certification, JPMA Certification, ETL, BRC, Quality & Performance, GS, GOST R, various Food Quality and Safety Certifications, GMP - ISO 22716 and more.

With over 1000 offices and labs in over 100 countries, Intertek even offers unique certification programs aimed at building a more eco-friendly environment such as RoHS, Eco-Textile Certification, and chemical certification to assure products and facilities are free from restricted or toxic substances. Intertek Social Accountability Compliance Verification is available to ensure you and your suppliers comply with corporate social responsibility values, ethical standards, and best practices. Intertek can even offer entire Systems Certifications to confirm that your strategic business systems are in full compliance with appropriate national and international standards.

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Additionally, Intertek can help ensure a smooth customs clearance by providing the necessary certification to meet individual country standards when importing and exporting.

Intertek provides certification for the following and more.

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