As part of our Total Quality Assurance solutions, Intertek offers a number of certifications for textile, apparel, and footwear products to help retailers, brands and manufacturers demonstrate due-diligence through the certification of products, suppliers and systems.

Intertek provides the following certification solutions for textiles, apparel and footwear:

Chemical Certification Scheme
Based on the environmental protection requirement for consumer products in international markets, the chemicals used during the manufacturing process of all kinds of consumer products, such as textiles, leather, and footwear, are tested or certified to detect any restricted hazardous substances.

The certification scheme applies to textiles, leathers and chemicals used in the processing of both textile materials, leather components and chemicals used in the processing of both textile and leather articles. Intertek Eco-Certification emphasizes that the manufacturers shall maintain a reliable quality assurance system of ecological products. The quality system implements strict quality assurance on incoming materials and chemical application related processes to remove all the restricted harmful substances from the very beginning without deviating from the original design - avoiding any contamination during the manufacturing process.

Green Leaf Mark for Consumer Goods
This certification mark is a consumer product and systems certification providing validation that environmental claims have been independently verified and can be used to enhance the marketability of textile products. With the Intertek Green Leaf Mark, manufacturers, brands and retailers can provide business partners and consumers the assurance that their environmental claims are verified by a third-party testing, auditing and certification body.

WRAP Certification
The Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production Principles (WRAP) are core standards for production facilities participating in the WRAP Certification Program. The program’s objective is to independently monitor and certify compliance with this socially responsible global standard for manufacturing and ensure that manufactured products are produced under lawful, humane and ethical conditions.

Intertek SourceClear brings visibility and traceability in supply chain relationships together with independent validation of product sustainability claims such as recycled content, organic materials, good environmental and social practices where products are manufactured, accurate labelling of products.

Textile Exchange Standards
Textile Exchange identifies and shares best practices regarding farming, materials, processing, traceability, and product end-of-life in order to reduce the textile industry’s impact on the world’s water, soil and air, and the human population. Textile Exchange provides the knowledge and tools the industry needs to make significant improvements in three core areas: Fiber and Materials, Integrity and Standards, and Supply Network.

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