Detect hazardous AP/APEOs early in production to mitigate risk and assure consumer safety

Intertek’s AP/APEOs Quick Test offers textiles and leathergoods brands, retailers and manufacturers the ability to identify Alkylphenols and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (AP/APEOs) during the initial stage, before production begins.

Intertek’s AP/APEOs Quick Test is the only test available that can detect the existence of AP/APEOs in water soluble chemical samples, which allows textiles and leathergoods retailers, brands and manufacturers to pre-screen for these chemicals. This enables companies to identify hazardous AP/APEOs early in the manufacturing process, before time and money have been invested at the mass production stage.

Compared to traditional AP/APEOs testing, the Quick Test offers faster turnaround time and reduction in cost. Intertek’s AP/APEOs Quick Test detection limit is lower than the minimum requirements of NGOs and industry bodies, offering an added layer of assurance to Intertek’s suite of chemical testing services for the apparel and footwear industries, the AP/APEOs Quick Test can be used to complement existing RSL programs, our Chemical Smart Screening and Environmental Chemical Management Solutions services, eco-textiles testing and more.

AP/APEOs are two hazardous chemical groups commonly used in the textiles and leather industry. Our one-of-its-kind AP/APEOs Quick Test service enables identification of these hazardous chemicals before production begins,
eliminating risks from the origin.

lntertek has developed an innovative service that enables retailers, brands,
suppliers and factories to prevent the use of surfactants containing AP/ APEOs at the start of production, while offering cost-savings and faster turnaround
time when compared to traditional quantitative testing methods.

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