Intertek offers businesses identification and testing services for restricted substances within their own specific products to comply with various regional regulatory requirements.

Many businesses and associations create Restricted Substances Lists (RSL) and Declarable Substances Lists to provide an inventory of maximum recommended levels of known hazardous substances for a variety of products and packaging in numerous industries. Examples include the RSL for the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), the Joint Industry Guide (JIG) for the Electrical and Electronics Industry, and the Global Automotive Declarable Substances List (GADSL).  Also commonly known as a Green Procurement Standards, they provide guidelines suppliers must follow in order to help companies better prepare for continually evolving health and environmental standards by establishing and maintaining rules and documentation on the substances contained in their products.

Benefits of Creating a Restricted Substances List (RSL):

Restricted Substances List (RSL) Services
Intertek can help businesses develop and enhance their own business-specific RSL or comply with their customer’s RSL requirements. Based on Intertek’s broad industry experience, knowledge of current and expanding global legislation, and supply chain solutions, a comprehensive Restricted Substance List can be created to meet your ongoing and future business requirements.

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