Green Supply Chain Management & Mediation Services

Intertek provides comprehensive services to assist companies create and maintain a green supply chain.

An increasing number of consumers and businesses are choosing safe and environmentally friendly products when making a purchase decision. In addition, global health and environmental legislations and standards are requiring compliance by manufacturers, retailers, brand managers, traders, and distributors. EU RoHS , China RoHS , REACH , and California Proposition 65  are examples of such regulatory requirements that have already been imposed, with many more to be implemented in the near future. How do you insure your products maintain compliance throughout your entire supply chain? How do you create a competitive advantage and protect your brand, while insuring environmental regulatory compliance?

Intertek provides a single-source solution for you and your suppliers to meet your company's global green regulatory requirements.  Intertek provides comprehensive assessment, product testing, validation, product certification, and consulting services to assist companies successful achieve green supply chain management.

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