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We are surrounded by chemical consumer products daily , from lubricants and household cleaning products to adhesives, paints, and automotive care products. To prevent danger to human health or safety, these products must comply with consumer-specific regulatory requirements for labeling, testing, and packaging. Not only do these regulations vary between countries, but an increasing number of retail businesses now possess compliance systems that must be adhered to by their vendors and suppliers.

In today’s competitive global market, it is vital to minimize delays caused by regulatory obstacles. Product recalls and the inability to meet the stringent standards of retail suppliers can result in costly, brand-damaging outcomes

Intertek is specifically positioned to provide:

Intertek’s team of subject matter experts include regulatory specialists and toxicologists ready to help your business comply with consumer product safety standards. Whether your business sells a single product or has multiple product lines, our team is well-equipped to guide you through the unique regulatory requirements for consumer products sold in North America and the European Union. Intertek’s experts can liaise directly with government agencies and retailers on your behalf to address and correct product recalls.

Intertek’s experts will help your business save time and money by overseeing regulatory needs from product conception to market. Our diverse team can advise on chemical formulations, labeling nuances, testing requirements, and packaging design. We can also review labels for print and production, ensuring your product meets all regulatory requirements.

Intertek’s experts are able to navigate the challenges and between-jurisdiction differences that companies face when labeling and packaging consumer chemical products for markets around the world. Intertek also offers consumer-specific product testing, bespoke training, and assistance with product recalls.

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