Intertek’s experts can assist with bringing biocide and pesticide products to market.

Pesticides are regulated globally and often require pre-market approval prior to sale and distribution. This process can be challenging with costly time-to-market delays, as safety, product chemistry, and efficacy must be supported with data.

In Canada, pesticides are regulated by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). In the United States, they are regulated federally by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as at the state level.

Intertek’s pesticide team consists of subject matter experts including toxicologists, chemists, and regulatory specialists. With our combined experience and knowledge of varying regulations, we adapt to our clients’ specific needs and anticipate the potential challenges in bringing their product to market—saving clients time and money.

Intertek provides:

  • Regulatory screening and feasibility assessments
  • Pre-submission consultation with the EPA and PMRA
  • Test placement and monitoring
    • Compositional analysis
    • Safety
    • Exposure
    • Product performance
  • Federal dossier preparation and submission
    • Literature searches
    • Read-across and scientific rationales
  • State registration application preparation
  • Applicable exemptions determinations
  • Liaisons with government agencies on behalf of clients
  • Federal and State registration maintenance and amendment support  
  • Fulfillment of Canadian Representative and/or U.S. Agent roles for companies outside of these jurisdictions

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