Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) undergo DNA structure modifications through biotechnology. Foodstuffs manufactured or containing ingredients of GMOs may be considered to be Genetically Modified (GM) foods.

The technology used in GM has developed over the years, as a response to the challenges of feeding an ever-growing global population to create crops that are to be pest, virus or climate-resistant. GM crops are often intentionally utilized for food and feed production. In some situations, GM crops can unintentionally enter non-GM food and feed production.  

At Intertek, we offer comprehensive GMO detection services and a certification programme to perform quality control and assessment of GMO-status in the products and production. Combined with our as analytical expertise, we offer day-to-day support to meet regulatory and consumer demands.

Utilising the latest methods and technologies, we provide fast turnaround times and accurate test results that demonstrate compliance with statutory requirements.  Testing determines the amount of the GMO present in the sample. We use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based testing methods and apply rigorous controls to effectively eliminate false positives and negatives. This test can be offered after samples test positive for GMOs ingredients or can be used as the primary testing method if requested.



Complementing our testing and detection services, Intertek offers an industry recognised non-GMO certification programme to verify GMO-status in the products and production to be compliant to the requirements, through on-site inspections/audits, sampling and documentation reviews.



As well as GMO detection, our world-class specialists are engaged in ongoing research and development to understand and develop testing procedures for new and emerging GMOs.



Along with analytical expertise, we also offer day-to-day support and consultation services, providing expert experience and cutting-edge facilities, helping you comply with food safety regulations.


In organic food certification GMO detection testing is essential. Our full range of food testing services covers microbiology, shelf life testing, GMO and food authenticity, sensory analysis, and allergens.



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