Intertek’s food biotechnology services support industry in the development, use, and regulatory approval of products of biotechnology as it relates to the food industry.

Companies involved in biotechnology face many challenges that can benefit from Intertek’s Food Biotechnology services.

The main goals of using products of biotechnology (also referred to as genetically modified organisms or GMOs) are to improve food quality and production, support human health, and enhance environmental safety. For example, biotechnology is used to create genetically modified agricultural crops that are resistant to pests or to produce novel strains of bacteria used in the production of food ingredients. 

Although biotechnology holds great potential in a wide variety of food applications; the route to market can be daunting, taking several years and require comprehensive analysis of safety. Therefore, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the regulatory and safety requirements for successful approvals and how to meet these requirements before seeking market approval.

  • Intertek experts, located in North America, the EU, and Asia, have extensive food industry and scientific experience that supports biotechnology product development and government approvals.
  • Intertek helps companies by supporting the comprehensive evaluation of safety and regulation of products of biotechnology (i.e., GMOs), such as novel plants and microorganisms. This provides companies with a valuable tool in not only understanding the requirements for bringing a GMO to market (or facilitating approvals for their use in food production), but also a roadmap for addressing these regulatory requirements. 

Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way to help you obtain regulatory approvals to support your business goals.

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