Through our global network of offices and laboratories in over 100 countries, Intertek offers innovative food advisory solutions of your systems, products, and processes.

As the global food supply chain grows more complex, so does your business. Keeping up to date with changing regulations, advances in technology, and the evolving business challenges of global food production is almost an industry in itself. To stay ahead of the field you need the kind of universal knowledge and multidisciplinary skills not usually found in a single organisation.

We can help you make sense of the complex web of global food production, and offer you innovative solutions to maximise the value of your systems, products and processes. As a truly multidisciplinary company we have the expertise and global reach to support all aspects of your business.

Combining local knowledge with world-class expertise is a key component of our advisory services. Understanding local business customs and regulations is often fundamental to avoiding legislative pitfalls, and speeding your products to market. 

The food label is the primary method of communicating product information between companies and their consumers. It provides basic product information, as well as nutrition and safety information, and acts as a vehicle for marketing and advertising. 

As consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, they rely on product labels as a way of differentiating between various foods and brands to make informed food choices. Food labelling requirements vary from product to product and country to country. We can help you comply with food labelling requirements for every country you operate in, and advise you how best to communicate the nutritional values of your products. Our service is geared towards retailers selling in multiple markets, with our network of experts covering 30 countries, and more being added all the time.

Evaluating your suppliers or facilities against your own quality, safety, or security requirements will bring your entire supply chain to a higher level of reliability. When you outsource this process to Intertek, you gain access to our global network of over 1,000 qualified auditors–not only freeing up your personnel for other tasks, but also significantly reducing the travel time and cost of each audit.  

Bespoke 2nd party auditing programmes allow you to assess your facilities, your suppliers, even your entire supply chain, to your own specific standards. As an auditor with decades of experience serving the food industry, we can help you develop and implement internal auditing programmes to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of your entire operation.

To help you achieve the highest levels of safety and quality, we test more than food products. We offer complete contact materials testing services for packaging, utensils, food processing equipment, and any materials intended for contact with food. We also test commercial and industrial food equipment, and can be on site anywhere in the world to provide safety testing and certification to regional and national standards.

Substantiating the claimed health benefits of food products demands more than scientific expertise. Claims need to be analysed, Substantiating the claimed health benefits of food ingredients, supplements and finished products demands expert scientific judgement and regulatory experience. 

Claims need to be analysed, justified,documented and, where necessary, submitted to
the appropriate regulatory authorities. We can help you assess your proposed claims, provide strategic guidance, and support your efforts to prepare health claim petitions for authorities all over the world,including the US, Canada, the EU, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Food Physical Safety Analysis to determine whether the physical properties of food products and food packaging have the potential to create a hazardous condition for airway obstruction, the potential for injury in the event of an injury and the effect of their characteristics that may mitigate any of this injury potential.

Evaluation of food ingredients to determine GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)  status of chemicals or substances added to food under the conditions of its intended use as designated by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Intertek understands the intricacies of the GRAS regulations and has successfully completed hundreds of GRAS evaluations for our clients. Our team of experts can help your company navigate the scientific and regulatory requirements for supporting the GRAS status of your ingredients. 

Whether it is a food ingredient, a nutritional supplement, natural health product, or a food derived from biotechnology, our toxicologists and scientists can help navigate the scientific and regulatory requirements these products must meet to be marketed. 

We offer a global regulatory and scientific expertise for a wide range of food and supplement products worldwide. We can help you navigate the development and placement of a product into the marketplace with our team of professionals. We provide the most expedient and cost-effective route to satisfy worldwide scientific and regulatory approval requirements.

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