Intertek can provide your business with the assurance services you need to develop and launch safe and quality food products onto the market faster, in the most efficient way and with minimal risk.

Our network of experts are here to help you navigate your products through the wealth of regulations in place around the world, providing you with the confidence and assurance you need to help you develop and launch food products onto market.

We have a comprehensive range of assurance services including scientific and regulatory expertise for a wide range of food and supplement products, ensuring that you comply with all relevant regulatory requirements. Whether you are developing a new food product or adjusting your product’s ingredients to comply with a range of unhealthy food taxes including the sugar tax, Intertek can provide a comprehensive suite of services to support your objective, including our expert label validation service. To demonstrate your commitment to food safety and minimise the risk of food fraud, we also provide a complete traceability programme to help you manage your supply chain. Intertek values the importance of brand awareness and reputation in the food industry, and we provide our 360° Brand Assurance service to meet the needs of global food establishments, food delivery providers, e-commerce companies and retailers.

Combining local knowledge with world-class expertise is a key component of our scientific and regulatory consulting services. Understanding local business customs and regulations is often fundamental to avoiding legislative pitfalls and speeding your products to market. We can assist with food additives, ingredients and novel foods, livestock feed and pet food ingredients, health claims, dietary supplements, dietary exposure and intake analysis, nanotechnology-related support, biotechnology-related support, computational predictive toxicology modelling, toxicology studies, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and food contact.

Our complete food label solution is focused towards businesses wishing to sell in multiple markets, supported by our network of experts across more than 100 countries. We offer translation and validation services to assess your product labelling and ensure compliance with national and international legislation, an ingredient statement review, regulatory support, a preliminary label compliance review as well as nutritional analysis. Ensuring allergens are correctly labelled on your products means that the consumer is protected and helps to minimise the risk of product recalls.

By tracing products from their origins with Intertek, and monitoring safety, quality and quantity at every stage of the supply chain, you can guarantee your customers get the best.We can help you minimise the risk of food fraud by implementing an integrated food management system

As your Supply Chain Management partner we can supervise the entire operation, securing product safety and quality and implementing full traceability. We can also assist with food quality and safety assessments as well as a wide selection of globally recognised food standards such as GLOBALG.A.P., Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody and Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

At every step of the food production process, your employees make countless decisions that impact food safety and quality, along with the efficiency of your operations. Intertek Alchemy’s innovative training technologies, award-winning courseware, and mobile coaching tools are used by leading food companies around the world. Intertek's People Assurance solutions helps you assess, monitor, and improve your employee’s knowledge, confidence, and skills.

Globalisation and advances in technology have both created a complex food supply chain with numerous and diverse stakeholders facilitating the process. A lack of quality monitoring processes, complex logistics structures, food handling methods and other factors can jeopardise the safety and quality of food products. Food inspection can be used as a dedicated quality management tool and as a checkpoint to safeguard the quality and safety of your goods directly in your sourcing countries, at the earliest stage of the logistical step.

As a world leading food safety certification body, with accreditation for globally-recognised programmes we support and guide you through a wide range of effective industry solutions for your business needs including testing & analysis, inspection services, auditing and certification and assurance services giving you confidence in your supply chain. To simplify regulatory and customer audits, Intertek Alchemy’s digital reporting solution delivers instant verification that details every employee’s training records, comprehension scores, on-the-floor follow through, and any remediation activities.
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