GLOBALG.A.P. is a trademark and a set of standards for good agricultural practice to benefit farmers, retailers and consumers throughout the world.

GlobalG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) refers to an internationally accepted set of farm standards and is recognised in more than 100 countries and by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GlobalG.A.P. offers guidance on sustainable production practices, animal welfare, and worker health and safety. Certification helps producers meet the demand for high quality, sustainable food and allows retailers and consumers to choose quality produce with confidence.

Gaining GlobalG.A.P. certification demonstrates to consumers and retailers your commitment to safe, sustainable food production. The programme is respected by retailers all over the world and can help take your product into new markets. The standard also improves long term business performance by promoting efficiency and reducing waste.

As a globally accepted integrated standard, adopting GlobalG.A.P. saves you dealing with numerous different audits, and to match the global scope of the programme, we have experts all over the world with the knowledge and experience needed to help you achieve certification.

Key Benefits

Food Safety and Traceability

GlobalG.A.P. certification provides assurance to customers that the standard of operation on farm consistently produce safe food that is traceable. It is a GFSI benchmarked scheme which provides additional assurance of the robustness of the standards.

Internationally Recognised

The nature of global supply means that buyers can source products from around the world confidently across three areas of production: – crops, livestock and aquaculture.

Adding Value

Many companies now required GlobalG.A.P. Certification as part of their supplier management system, adopting the standard opens farms up to more potential customers.

Why choose Intertek for your GlobalG.A.P. certification?

Intertek is a world leading food safety certification body, with accreditation for globally recognised programmes including the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), BRCGS, International Featured Standards (IFS Food), and Safe Quality Food (SQF). Our expert food safety auditors can work with you to guarantee your products are produced, prepared, packaged, distributed, and certified to the highest standards of food safety.

Intertek is an accredited GlobalG.A.P. certification body can offer you more than a certificate. We have the expertise, experience and global presence to support and guide you through the entire process, helping you to meet the challenges and maximise the benefits of GlobalG.A.P. certification. We can support you through training, pre-audit assessment, final audit, and follow up assessments.

What’s in the GlobalG.A.P. Standards?

The GlobalG.A.P. Certificate, also known as the Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA), covers Good Agricultural Practices for agriculture, aquaculture, livestock and horticulture production.

It also covers additional aspects of the food production and supply chain such as Chain of Custody and Compound Feed Manufacturing. GlobalG.A.P. requirements include food safety, traceability, environment, worker health and safety, animal welfare and crop management.

The GlobalG.A.P. Fruit & Vegetables Standard covers all stages of production, from pre-harvest activities such as soil management and plant protection product application to post-harvest produce handling, packing and storing. The Standard has been successfully assessed against the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements and achieved GFSI recognition for scope B1 Farming of Plants and D Pre-Processing Handling of Plant Products.

The Combinable Crops Standard covers: Propagation Material, Machinery and Equipment, Crop Protection, Harvesting as well as Harvested Crop Handling.

The GlobalG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard consists of General Rules and Control Points and Compliance Criteria (CPCC.) The GlobalG.A.P. IFA CPCC are modular-based consisting of:

  • The All Farm Base Module: This is the foundation of all sub-scopes and defines all the requirements that all producers must first comply with to gain certification.
  • The Scope Module: This defines clear criteria based on the different food production sectors. GlobalG.A.P. covers 3 scopes: Crops, Livestock and Aquaculture.
  • The Sub-scope Module: These CPCC cover all the requirements for a particular product or different aspect of the food production and supply chain.

The scopes (e.g. livestock) are automatically coupled to the sub-scopes that a producer or producer group applies for. For example, a poultry producer must comply with the All Farm Base, the Livestock scope module, and the Poultry CPCC to receive a GlobalG.A.P. Poultry Standard Certificate. Livestock producers are also required to source their compound feed from reliable suppliers. The GlobalG.A.P. Compound Feed Standard helps livestock producers find GlobalG.A.P. certified compound feed manufacturers.

The GlobalG.A.P. CoC Standard identifies the status of your product throughout the entire process, from farm to retailer. It lays out strict requirements for handling certified products and the proper segregation of certified and non-certified produce in the processing operation units.

GRASP is a voluntary, ready-to-use module developed to assess social practices on the farm, such as specific aspects of workers’ health, safety, and welfare. Legal requirements regarding the control points (such as minimum wage, age of legal employment, working hours, etc.) differ from country to country. Where the requirements are stricter, local legislation takes precedence over GRASP. Where there is no legislation (or legislation is not so strict), GRASP provides the minimum compliance criteria for a good social management system.

In response to growing concerns regarding specific aspects of the agricultural production process and supply chain, GlobalG.A.P. has developed add-on modules that enhance your GlobalG.A.P. Certification. These made-to-measure add-ons upgrade your status as a producer and offer buyers specific assurances tailored to their interests and preferences. 


Since January 2017 the Tesco NURTURE programme has become an additional NURTURE Module to the current GlobalG.A.P. IFA Version 5 audit processes. This reduced audit duplication and increased flexibility for suppliers when choosing how they want their sites to be assessed. 


In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires specific practices to be implemented and followed for the production, handling, and import of food products. To support implementation efforts at the producer level, GlobalG.A.P. offers its FSMA Produce Safety Rule Add-on to address control points found in the FSMA Produce Safety Rule (FSMA PSR). 

SPRING - Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use

A farm-level add-on which helps producers, retailers, and traders demonstrate their commitment to sustainable water management and can be implemented together with the GlobalG.A.P. IFA standard for Crops. 

GlobalG.A.P. Plus 

A set of requirements based on the McDonalds good practice regulation 

Albert Heijn Protocole for Residues

Systematic verification for taking samples which vouches for compliance of the standards required.

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